the heart of the world’s love – part 4 of 7

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. . Part 4 of 7 in my “Holy Week with Caryll Houselander” series. You can find all the posts in this series here.} In honor of this most beautiful of day, Holy Thursday. And in thanksgiving for our priests. (Excerpts from Mass for the People by Caryll Houselander, found at Imprisoned in my Bones - Thank you for sharing this beautiful gem of writing from Caryll): "The priest was on the side of life, he had no other work, no other raison d'etre but to give life, and the life he gave could not be killed. He was not outside of the world's love because he was a priest and alone, he was the heart of the world's love, its core, because the Life of the World is born every day in His Continue Reading

He is not even a superman, part 3 of 7


. . Part 3 of 7 in my “Holy Week with Caryll Houselander” series. You can find all the posts in this series here.} Jesus falling. I used to wonder if all this falling was necessary. He could have been crucified, died, risen, without the falling. This fortuitous humiliation. Wasn't the crucifixion enough? Couldn't that alone have paid the bill? Could we just spare the man a little bit of this all-consuming grief? Yes, it could have been spared, certainly. Jesus is God. He did say He could have just called down his angels and stopped everything in its tracks. But he didn't. And he wasn't an accidental man. There was a purpose for all that falling down. The humiliation. That total Continue Reading

They Were Willing But Weak, part 2 of 7

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. . {Part 2 of 7 in my "Holy Week with Caryll Houselander" series. You can find all the posts in the series here.} One of the many reasons I love Holy Week is that we are shown, through the many actions of Jesus' followers, their true humanity. While now we see these brave souls cast in stained glass, depicted in lovely paintings, in print on gold-edged holy cards - it does us well to remember that they were just like us. As Caryll says - weak, hesitant, careful, selfish, failing. All the things that we might have felt ourselves in the past. Might feel this very day. We look upon these last days of Jesus and we see the apostles nervous glances, their shaking hands, their quick denials, Continue Reading

Holy Week with Caryll Houselander – Via Crucis – part 1 of 7

holy week with caryll houselander

. . Join me this week, as we make our way with Jesus, through his suffering and death, to his Resurrection. We call these holiest of days 'Holy Week'. I will share a reflection with you each day, taken from the writings of Caryll Houselander. The following passages are excerpts from her book The Way of the Cross (available in both ebook and print). I suggest you whet your appetite for her words here, and then go buy the book for yourself. You will never regret it! I love how she describes attending the Stations of the Cross. This dichotomy - ordinary people and the cross. Often, as I stand in the church, surrounded with a 'motley of people' as she describes it, I find myself feeling Continue Reading

Martha, Martha. It’s been you all along.

Martha, Martha. It's been you all along.

. . Growing up, and even sometimes now, it has always been "Mary, Mary, Mary". Mary chose the better part. Mary sat and listened. Mary didn't rush around stressed out about company and all the stuff that needed to get done. Mary knew her place. Mary had her priorities in order. Mary was HOLY. And that Martha... well, she's busy. And just a little bit rude. In Luke Chapter 10, you can see it. Jesus comes into his friends' home, weary and tired from traveling. He sits. Mary sinks to the floor at his feet. Both sisters are glad to have him there. They react in different ways. Mary is pensive, Martha is active. Mary sits, listens, watches. Martha plans, hurries, worries. And Continue Reading

Marriage and the Grand Deception

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. . It doesn't really matter what it was. But it happened. That moment when you're just so ticked off. You know you were right, as usual. Oh, the injustice of it all. And the apology is said, but not with the right tone, or without looking you in the eye, and then something is returned in response - flippantly - and you're offended again by something new. Nerves are frayed, you're both already exhausted from the day and the bickering children in the background add to it and make you just want to fly away to Hawaii and forget it all. Sometimes you wonder why you even bother. This is ridiculous. Because in that moment, in the middle of that very important moment - you Continue Reading

my still small world

my still small world lent

. . I spend the majority of my working hours on the www the world wide web and there are times when I feel so big. as if I am touching so much. have my fingers in so many things. so many lives to keep track of. clients to please. digital places to create. media to pump up and promote. relationships, connections, networks, engagements, influencers, followers, readers, buyers. I feel that from the black square keys of this laptop I can reach out and touch everyone, learn anything, like and heart and comment and tweet throughout the planet my spiraling tendrils of interest and curiosity. and a few seconds after these tendrils are unfurled, they just pass away into Continue Reading

All My Irish: everything for St. Paddy’s Day!

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.. .. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!  Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig! I have been torturing my very German husband all day by sending him pics like these. With my beautiful green fingernail polish. He's jealous. Because today is the day that the whole world is Irish. And he should be proud to be married to me. In celebration, I'll give you all the Irish you'll ever need right here in one jolly little post. Because today, we can. We can be as obnoxiously Irish as we want, and everyone has to put up with us. Here are a few photos from one of my trips to Ireland. My family comes from the beautiful Valentia Island, County Kerry. There's no other place like it. The Continue Reading

All the way to Heaven is Heaven: Ash Wednesday

ash wednesday

. Ash Wednesday is here. I posted yesterday over at Austin Catholic New Media about 40 Ways to create a meaningful Lent. I hope you'll go over and take a look. ----- #ashtag. yes, that's a thing. ----- Often Lent seems complicated to me. I fret for days over what to do, what to focus on, what to give up. This year it was simple, for once! Family. This is the Lent of our Family. Remembering that we're important. That our time together is important. Our prayer, our home, our selves. I feel that the six of us have been pulled to all edges of the earth over the past few months, and so I am looking forward to these next 6 weeks of Lent, to help us slow down and appreciate each Continue Reading

40 Days and 40 Ways to Observe Lent

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Every year I try to approach Lent anew. I don’t want it to ever grow old. Lent holds a dear place in my heart, as it always reminds me of the days that brought me up to my joining the Catholic Church in 1994. Those emotional memories are strong, and they have always assisted my spiritual journey. I try to find Lenten observances that will help keep this love alive in my heart and my husband’s, and enkindle them in the hearts of my children. So, today, I have 40 ways for you to observe Lent. By no means do I dare suggest that you try to do all 40. (It was way harder to get to 40 than I thought it would be!)  I am a huge advocate for a simple, focused Lent. Trust me. But I also know that it Continue Reading