Five Favorites for Back to School


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We’re in  high gear over here, getting ready for the start of the new school year! Here are five things I’m doing to get us off on the right foot!


tiny saints

I can’t wait to get these tiny saints for my children’s backpacks! Kathryn from Team Whitaker introduced them to me last spring, and I just LOVE them. The designs are fabulous, they have tons of saints to choose from. You can either clip them on the zipper pull, or make a necklace with them. They also have very cute multi-saint wooden bracelets. $5 y’all!!



reading material


I’m starting to collect good reading lists (as I seem to do constantly!) for my children. Once they begin to bring home those reading logs, I don’t want to be desperate, grabbing any old thing off the shelf. As parents, one of the school tasks we have MOST control over is what they read in their spare time! So put some effort into your choices!  Here are a few ideas for you.

My Book Lists

From Like Mother, Like Daughter Library Project (SO love this!)



while it’s still practically too hot to cook ’round these parts, I do try. And, as Auntie Leila says,

“I simply had to know what I was going to have for dinner by 10 every morning.”

In the summer I can get away with being lazier, planning later, or not planning at all (“pizza anyone?!”) but not during school. I’ve found that the days when I followed the 10 AM rule, I was much more content and peaceful throughout the day.

I’ve found Weight Watchers on pinterest… they have a bazillion awesome (and healthy) recipes over there!




my morning routine

next week I’m getting back into my morning routine for school. I don’t always stick with it, but when I do, I’m so very thankful!

1. wake up :)

2. go to gym (home by 6:30)

3. (if #2 doesn’t happen, begin here) take shower – clothes and hair combing are nice

4. make coffee and pray -

using my Magnificat,  list of intentions, and for each member of our family, specifically

5. wake up kids and feed breakfast and try my best to be cheerful!


My Job Chart

My friend Joe shared this AWESOME FREE app  for tracking family jobs. Called ‘My Job Chart‘ – parents can set the jobs for each kid, they earn their points, and can either save, share or spend them. You can even preset rewards on Amazon – when they earn a certain number of points, they can earn a longed for book or toy. Parents and children can track from ipad, iphone, computer, etc… Even dad can check in on the family jobs from work (we’re SO doing that)! Sounds pretty cool! (and no, this is not a paid endorsement! I’m just excited!

What are your tips and tricks for staring off the school year?

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    Way to go, Lauren! :) I am trying to psych myself up for going to the gym in the mornings, I know all will be so much better if I do. But that means I have to get to bed on time. Boo!

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