a peak into my home {phfr}


We’ve been relishing the cooler weather these past few days.

I love it!

I refuse to turn on the heater, even though the house is currently 64 degrees. Jacket up, everyone!

Here are a couple of peaks into my home this week!


Emelie has taught herself how to knit. She found a few lefty knitting videos on youtube and loves it! Pretty, yes? Do you knit? Have any good resources to share with a newby?

 phfr  theloveliesthour.com


We’re going media free (more on that another day) during the school week, and after a few days of torture, the children have turned out to be quite pleasant to be around. Like, playing with toys and stuff. Crazy, I know!!

My little girls pulled out a bunch of old blocks and our passionately (but poorly) painted peg people to create this happy little world.

phfr  theloveliesthour.com

And there you see the state of my lovely carpet. Yep. We actually LIVE here. And our carpet knows it!



Colleen has taken to sleeping in our bed. (We’re very thankful that we upgraded to a king-size last year) If we don’t let her in when she goes to sleep, she shows up in the middle of the night. And sleeps sideways. And grinds her teeth. And kicks me in the side. All. Night. Long.

But, we think she’s cute, so we’ll keep her.

Here, she is reading ‘Dick and Jane’ to “Bunny” and her stick-horse “Scarlet”, who sometimes sleeps with us, too. Fun times.

phfr  theloveliesthour.com


Frost! Beautiful frost, covering our lawn, our backyard toys, our cars, and the lovely turk’s cap in my garden.

I snapped these before the sun got to its melting.


What do you love about the coming of the cold!?



And, before you go, take part in #IStandWithThomasPeters. Support this good man and his wife. Thomas Peters faces a long road of recovery ahead, and he and his wife need our prayers and financial support.

1-TPDay - IStandWithThomasPeters

Join in the Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real fun over at Like Mother, Like Daughter!

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  1. says

    Over here from PHFR. You have a lovely blog. This is the second post I’ve seen regarding Thomas Peters. I hadn’t ever heard of him before, and now twice in one day. The social media day is working! Off to go read and support where I can.

    • Lauren says

      Thanks for visiting Christine! Yes, Thomas Peters is an amazing person! I hope you get a chance to read more about him, and help out!

  2. says

    Emilie is knitting! I love it! And your peg people!! Not to ignore other aspects of this wonderful post, but I’m loving the craftiness! I’m learning to knit myself… Here are some of the easiest most fabulous tutorials I’ve found :: verypink.com In case the link is incorrect/doesn’t work, her name is Staci Peary. Love your little world; I do so wish we were closer.

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