7 last minute Christmas gifts you’ll never regret giving!



Sometimes we end up being last-minute people. Not because we’re lazy or don’t care, but because things happen, kids get sick, mommies get sick, schedules are wacky, and we find ourselves looking for a few awesome gifts for those we love in the last days before Christmas. I’m with ya!

Just because you only have a few days left, doesn’t mean you can’t give a thoughtful and meaningful gift! Here are a few holiday gifts that I’ve never regretted giving or receiving. Maybe they’ll inspire you!

What are YOUR quick go-to gift ideas?!

(Oh, and this is NOT a sponsored post – just stuff I love!)


This beautiful book is made up of photos taken from all over the world, during one year. They are beautiful, moving, thought-provoking and will leave a child or grandpa paging through for hours. Each photo has a description on the facing page. I love this SO much! We gave it as a family gift last year.

gifts you won't regret giving

gift you'll never regret giving -earth from above

gift you'll never regret giving -earth from above


I gave these to my sister a year or two ago. You can choose either a 12 month club or the 6 month club – and the gift receiver will get an adorably original pair of earrings in the mail each month! And they really are cute, because I inspected them at my sisters house and we were both impress! Simple, easy, just go buy it and print out the gift image! Perfection!!

gift you'll never regret giving - darly bird

gift you'll never regret giving - darly bird


Find an old, classic book on your bookshelves, or hit a used book store. Find something that looks beautiful, and will suit the fancy of your gift-receiver. Poetry is always a good bet, like the one below. I’m sure there is a treasure hidden on your shelves, or in a bookstore nearby! I love this one, with the beautifully written inscription (I mean, really – that’s just a work of art!) and the pasted in poem on the cover page.

gift you'll never regret giving - old book

gift you'll never regret giving - old book


When I was in high school, my friends and I would make each other things for gifts. We didn’t have much money, but lots of love. We’d make collages out of magazines, postcards, labels and photos. We’d decopage boxes or posters or frame them. That’s right where this little idea comes from. Find a beautiful card, either in a store, or an old Christmas card, or a holy card from your parish bookstore. Trim it up nicely and frame it – you may even have a pile of frames under your bed, like I do! My friend Robye gave me this framed holy card a few years ago and I love it to pieces!!

gift you'll never regret giving - framed card


This is an especially appropriate gift for that person who has everything! We got this book several years ago and love it. Sometimes, over dinner or reading or watching a movie we’ll here something like “mother lode” or “midas touch” or “hush puppy” or “cool as a cucumber”. Where did that come from? Well, this book has your answer. And once you start reading, you won’t stop. It’s the perfect ice-breaker. Leave it out on the coffee table when you have that new couple over, and you’re not sure what to chat about. This will definitely get you started!!

gift you'll never regret giving - book of words

gift you'll never regret giving - word origins


Once we were giving a lemon tree for Christmas! We love it to this day. Also, an local found or antique rose in a pretty pot would be wonderful! It’s a simple, easy and not too common gift that, with a little water and sun, they’ll love for years!



My children love this book. My littlest is home sick from school today and she’s sitting on the couch right the very minute looking at the bird section. Showing me the ‘weird’ ones :) ! This has everthing from flora and fauna to minearal, insects and animals. It’s really gorgeous. The perfect gift for the whole family!

gift you'll never regret giving - natural history book 

gift you'll never regret giving - natural history book

gift you'll never regret giving - natural history book

Share YOUR go-to gift ideas!

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  1. Becky Gulde says

    Lauren, you are awesome! Love these ideas! They really spark a lot of ideas. Thank you. Merry Christmas, God Bless!

  2. Margaret Chang says

    I bought the book “earth from the above” from Amazon after read your suggestion. I received it yesterday. The pictures are indeed astounding and eye opening, but I have to warn the readers that there is a strong theme in the book that human populations is the cause to blame for many environmental or economic problems.

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