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Lauren Gulde on the radio.

I was on the radio this morning for a few minutes, talking with our local Catholic Radio show about blogging. ‘Twas very fun!  And while all 10 listeners clung to our every word, I was reminded of the pure strangeness of blogging. (I’ll be writing more about this tomorrow over at Austin Catholic New Media)

How, often, blogging just doesn’t turn out like you think it will. Something you write that you thing will be a bit hit generates NADA, and the post you peck off real quick one night before bed becomes quite the thing. For a day. It’s an odd world, this blogging thing.

And, as I sat staring at the microphone, which seemed WAY to close to my face, I remembered my
Most hits, most clicks, most views. All those stats that say so much.
And I bet you think it is something, this post.
Deeply personal, reflective, soul-bearing, theological. Maybe even mystical… divinely inspired.


It’s this.

Yep, a Downton Abbey meme I created in, like 3 minutes. That’s it. After all this typing. Still number one, forever and ever.

So, in celebration of my little radio bit, and a new year, and the launch of a brand spanking new season of Downton Abbey, I give you a…


‘Cause that’s obviously what I do best :)

Here ya go. This made me laugh out loud. For a long time. Long Live the Dowager Countess!!

You’re welcome, again. Downton Abbey Meme "When you talk like that I'm templted to ring for nanny and have you put to bed with no supper."

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